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 Corporate Strategy

Building an Industry Roadmap

At an industry level, our client and their members face a major challenge in transitioning from fossil-fuel based markets to a clean energy world, while also dealing with increasing digital density during the modern industrial revolution. How they revise not just their own business models, but the nature of industry relations, will prove critical to their long term survival and global competitiveness.


To solve this, RIIS is currently working directly with the senior leadership of the industry to establish a common vision, strategy, implementation roadmap, and monitoring programme, to ensure the success of this major industry.

Although many outcomes will only be visible over the long term, significant achievements have be achieved in the establishment of new cross-industry working groups, reduction of silos, and improved coordination across critical work areas.

Seat on public transportation

Mobility as a Service in South Africa

Our client wanted to understand, practically, how the rapidly changing world of mobility would impact on their business model, and also open new opportunities to create value.

We tapped into our existing network of entrepreneurs and startups, as well as met directly with various groups, to identify, evaluate, and filter the top MAAS startups across Southern Africa. The team subsequently facilitated an evaluation programme with our client to identify the best partner. The entire programme took less than 6 weeks from kick-off to close-out.

From this project, Two startups are now partnering with our client, one on MAAS directly, and a second on other logistics services.

Socio-economic Development

Boosting capacity & innovation

support across the Southern Africa

Currently, cross-border collaboration in the Southern African region with regards to innovation projects is challenging, and limited. This limits the potential for capacity building, and the success of projects implemented by the ‘shining stars’ in the region.


This was a regional initiative that supported the identification and growth of new businesses and startups to solve challenging problems through collaboration and through strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Southern Africa.

This project had a great impact, as all partners gathered a deeper understanding of the innovation value chain in SADC countries, as well as the identification of challenges in the Health, Education, Agriculture and Tourism sectors. Further, the identification of promising startups addressing these challenges in the H.E.A.T. sectors, and driving collaboration across borders.

African Village

Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

South African

Mining Cluster Tech-Incubator

As innovation becomes more of a necessity in the South African mining industry to address increasingly complex technical challenges, the need to identify and develop new ideas, innovations, entrepreneurs and startups for the mining sector becomes critically important.


The proposed Mining Cluster Incubator (MCI) is a non-profit-organisation specifically designed to encourage the development of new and innovative ideas and startups mining, driven by actual market needs. Startups and entrepreneurs are selected and then enter a custom-designed twelve to thirty-six month incubation process to prepare them to become sustainable and viable businesses.

The implementation of this incubator allowed for the creation of jobs, viable businesses, and novel and innovative solutions to address the mining industries needs.

Computer Circuit Board Macro
Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Building Start Ups in the South African Space Industry

Despite a radically accelerating interest in the Space Tech industry globally, SA has lagged behind investments into SpaceTech related startups, despite having one of the oldest space agencies in the world. The SA National Space Agency is therefore grappling with how best to improve awareness of and interest in the space sector across the region.

RIIS assisted in solving this problem by running a multi-year programme to crowd in startups and investors into the Space Tech cluster through a combination of innovation competitions, startup support and financing.

Since 2014, we have worked directly with over 80 startups, resulting in four deals and multiple partnerships being established.

SAB-F Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards

Annually, the SAB Foundation funds local innovative start-ups that are geared towards disability empowerment and social innovation in South Africa. Out of the multitude of applicants, a shortlist is created, who then go through business development and pitch training, before they ‘sell’ their ideas to the Board of Directors of the fund. RIIS has assisted the SAB-F in training the finalists of this competition for the past four years. Over the three-day training period, RIIS ensures that the finalists are able to:

  • Fully understand and communicate their business models effectively;

  • Clearly and concisely communicate what they need to scale their business; and

  • Adequately respond to any questions the panel of judges may ask.